About USB 3.1, understand the following points

- Dec 27, 2017 -

About USB 3.1, understand the following points:

1, USB 3.1 compatible with existing USB3.0 software stack and device protocol, 5Gbps hub and device, and USB 2 products.

2, USB 3.1 contains most of the features of USB 3.

3, USB 3.1 as the next generation of USB transmission specifications, usually called "SuperSpeed+", will replace the USB 3 in the future.

4, the maximum allowable standard for power supply under the USB 3.1 interface is greatly increased to 20V/5A (only Type-A/B) and can provide the power output capacity of up to 100W. The highest standard of Type-C is 12V/3A, and the charging capacity of 36W is enough for the use of lightweight notebook. This is also the important reason why the new MacBook dare to give up MagSafe and use Type-C as the charging interface.

In simple terms, USB 3.1 means faster transmission speed and higher power supply. However, there are a lot of interface types for USB 3.1.

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