Apple data lines are vulnerable to analysis and several protection measures

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Many mobile phone users report that their data lines are very bad and can be changed several times a year. Why? This is especially true of the iphone's frequent user base of the iphone, and why are hundreds of cables so vulnerable? Here's why apple data lines are so bad, and to share some of the protections you can take.
I. analysis of causes
According to the reaction of most users, the area where the apple data line is most damaged is in the location of the connector, which is not caused by the lack of the wire material. Then it comes to the interior design of the apple cable, we need to know about the internal structure of the data line, in order to guarantee the iPhone in charge of security, apple joined the aluminum foil insulation processing within the cable. At the same time, in order to increase the service life of the cable, apple added around the conductor wire mesh, in this way, strengthen the use of the data line toughness, the interior of the apple's original iPhone cable is the aluminum foil shield, metal shield, international lines to four color and strong pulling force protection. IPhone data line of the internal metal net will extend to the cable connector to protect the position of the rubber ring, cable within four wire connection in different position of the cable connector, so in the joint position, when separate wires, metal mesh wire, there is no way to package. We usually use a mobile phone charging, when plug cable, are generally not direct pulling cable body, more frequently, this position will produce a bulge of synthetic cable joint, then split. But why isn't USB that bad? Although USB head is also used in the same design, but because the USB head is usually inserted on the charger, the number of times of insertion is not much, so, the general USB head does not break the situation.
2. Solutions
When we plug the data line, we should try to avoid pulling the line body of the data line, but should pull out the position of the line head. When charging, get into the habit of plugging your phone's data line instead of the wire. So if you can get into the right habit, I'm sure the cable will live longer. Of course, in addition to forming good habits, there are several protection measures that can be used for reference: 1. The spring fixation is very simple, which is to take out the used ballpoint pen spring. Then stretch it a little bit, circle it slowly into the data line, and rotate it again. 2. Sticky tape at the joint, transparent glue, easy to degum, preferably with duct tape. Although it's a bit like a mummy, it's a good thing to do. 3, clean oil to soften, the new cable is stiff, we can put the new cable in the sun until soft, then wipe on a bit of oil, from now on both ends will not bad, give up the friends can have a try with the new cable.

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