Car charger is not charging is how is it?

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Car charger is not charging is how is it?

Car charger is not charging Reason:

The first charge voltage instability led to not enter

When the battery is switched on, the mobile phone or other intelligent electronic products will generally open the surge monitoring and testing program. If the program detects the vehicle impulse voltage instability, to prohibit the impulse. With seat flush, you will not have a program to detect, it is recommended to use the car audio computer system usb interface impulse, regardless of line red or seat red line.

The second check whether the car charger parameters meet the charging requirements

Check the car charger output voltage, current, whether to support their own digital products. Some parameters do not meet, such as the output current of 1A car charger to charge the tablet, it is not washed into the electricity. This is due to the current is not enough, you need to replace the high-power car charger.

Third check car charger contacts are in good contact

Some car charger contact design is not reasonable, in the process of driving will appear the phenomenon of poor contact, which led to reach the destination later found not charged.

The fourth cigarette lighter itself is not normal power supply

If you replace multiple car charger, cell phone, etc., can not be used in their car normal car charger for charging, this time to check their car fuse for any problems.

Fifth charger itself quality problems

Now on the market a variety of car power brands, product varies greatly, the price gap, if you buy fake and shoddy products, not only does not charge the power, is also likely to burn car fuses and digital products, and may even endanger personal safety. When buying car charger must pay attention to buy safe and secure smart car charger!

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