Car charger that the most secure?

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Car charger that the most secure?

Car charger is a low-voltage products, generally do not exist on the human body insecurity.

Car charger "unsafe" is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The first high-voltage breakdown car charger

General car battery power supply is 12-24V, the car will start when the impact voltage, 24V-powered models will be able to instantly produce more than 30V voltage. At this time the average quality of the car charger may be instantaneous voltage is too high and damaged.

The second all-metal shell caused a short circuit

Full metal shell car charger looks good on the surface, but due to the existence of automobile cigarette lighter tolerance, plug in some models of cigarette lighter, there may be because the metal shell conductive, causing cigarette lighter short circuit and burn the car Insurance.

The third impact of car radio

Some fake and shoddy products will not do the EU CE and the United States FCC electromagnetic compatibility certification, the work will have a more obvious interference signal, affecting the normal operation of car radios and other audio-visual systems.

Fourth use low efficiency chip

Very cheap car charger, the use of the chip performance is poor, the conversion rate is very low, most of the power is wasted, charging speed is very slow.

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