Common misunderstandings for selecting and buying mobile power sources

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Common misunderstandings for selecting and buying mobile power sources

The configuration of smart phones is getting higher and higher, but battery technology has not made much progress. Every smartphone user deeply feels the trouble of cell phone battery life. At this time, the mobile power supply has become a very important part. And the market for mobile power products is a variety of products, in order to promote their products, manufacturers are constantly instilling a variety of concepts to consumers. So, in this information bombing, you can also keep a sober mind, the reason to buy mobile power?

The following I will carefully count some of the common misunderstandings of the mobile power supply.

Misunderstandings one, very trust the authority of the test report

There is no uniform national certification standard for mobile power. By 2013, all brands' so-called test reports are third party organizations and enterprises. Therefore, a test report does not necessarily indicate that the product is qualified, at least from the most important technical indicators of the mobile power: discharge curve, we can know the gold content of the product.

Misunderstanding two: polymer core is safer than 18650 electric core

18650 core and polymer core

I believe many people have heard of this statement: 18650, the danger of electric core explosion, and the worst case of polymer core is fire, and it will not explode, so polymer core is safer than the 18650 core. In theory, this is true, but the reality is not the case. 18650 electric core is packed with steel shell, it is not easy to deform. After a long period of development, the process has been very mature. Such as Panasonic, SONY, Samsung and other international large plant produced 18650 core, discharge performance is stable, the duration is stable, and through the excellent circuit design to achieve safety guarantee, the probability of explosion is very low. Although the polymer core is theoretically safer, but because of the paste of lithium ion inside the core, the aluminum plastic film is used outside, the material is soft, easy to deform, and it is not resistant to collision. Therefore, the technology is very difficult and has a high demand for manufacturers. At present, the domestic is capable of producing high quality polymer batteries manufacturers very few differences, the overvoltage protection used by manufacturers, so in the domestic market, polymer batteries are not necessarily better than 18650 battery safety.

Misunderstanding three: the better the capacity is, the better

Because of the capacity is the most important parameter of the mobile power supply using the length of time, so many people think that the mobile power supply capacity of the bigger the better, but this time, the search power of the mobile sales ranking in Taobao, we can see that tens of thousands of mobile power capacity before all suck, frequently is twenty thousand or thirty thousand ma. So, is the bigger the better for the mobile power supply? The mobile power supply of ten thousand Ma or above usually has 5 to 6 cores. We know that the capacity and volume of mobile power are directly proportional to the capacity. The larger the capacity, the larger the volume. Therefore, in time to choose according to their own needs, if not travel often, there is no need to take a piece of "brick" everywhere on the market and the phenomenon of virtual object is still very serious (how to identify the virtual standard, please refer to "Quweicunzhen Xiaobian teach you how to identify the deficiency of moving power" article), bad manufacturers with high capacity blind consumers, while the actual capacity of the product is far lower than the marked capacity, so for these large capacity mobile power can not believe.

Misunderstanding four, good sales

Because of the price advantage, the network channel is often the most attractive to the consumers. And we see that at present, there is a common feature of Taobao's highest sales of mobile power, that is, huge capacity and extremely low prices. And this has also become the main factor to be considered when buying and buying. But in fact, the quality of such a mobile power supply may not stand up to the test. Yesky had made a "Taobao selling mobile power Hengping", the test results show that the low price high capacity mobile power products with various problems. Therefore, when buying, we should not blindly follow the sales volume of the network, keep a rational mind and try to choose some well-known brands, so the probability of occurrence of problems will be reduced a lot.

Misunderstanding five: the more expensive the price is, it will be good

It is not worth choosing a mobile power supply that is too low in price, so does it mean that the higher the price is, the better the better? Today, the price of mobile power products on the market is very different, cheap tens of yuan, a few hundred or even thousands of yuan. In fact, the cost of mobile power is not as high as we think. It mainly consists of three parts: core, circuit board and shell. Generally speaking, the production cost of mobile power using 18650 core is lower than that of polymer core.  The corresponding price range can give a reference here. Taking 10000mAH as an example, the price of 18650 core mobile power is usually between 100 and 130 yuan, while the price of mobile power of polymer core is usually between 150 and 200 yuan.  Of course, some of the mobile power supply with a variety of features, or a variety of functions, will be more expensive in price. If coupled with the brand, the price will be several times higher in one of the pros and cons of mobile power, from the comprehensive consideration of charging performance, durability, safety, efficiency, appearance and other aspects, the price is only one of the reference standard, can not completely determine the quality.

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