Comparison of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Comparison of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy

The comparison of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy is mainly reflected in the performance of die casting, price of product, defects of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting. Shenzhen Jin Yongan August Technology Ltd provides you with various differences between the zinc alloy and the aluminum alloy.

The main advantages of zinc alloy die-casting is of good performance, zinc alloy melting point is low, and there are many different melting point temperature, solidification temperature range is small, easy to fill the molding shrinkage tendency, precision parts can be a complex shape, thin wall casting, casting surface smooth, high dimensional accuracy; low pouring temperature, mould long service life, not easy sticking, no corrosion to die. Moreover, the mechanical properties of zinc alloys at room temperature are also high, especially the compressive and wear resistance. Zinc alloy die castings can well accept various surface treatments, such as electroplating, spraying and painting.

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