Computer USB interface why the phone USb cable can only be charged, can not identify the U disk

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Computer USB interface why the phone plug can only be charged, can not identify the U disk

The possible reasons are as follows:

1, the USB option of the mobile phone is not correct. Try to operate: in the mobile phone boot state, use data line to connect mobile phone to computer, press down and pull down on mobile phone interface, select "USB connected" option, and press open "USB storage device" to achieve U disk connection function between mobile phone and PC. If it is not open after the operation, try to replace the USB interface behind the host box to try the normal connection, or try to change the data line.

2, if connected to the computer data synchronization installation software, try to operate: the mobile phone opens the USB debug mode and connects to the computer. If not, please open the computer device manager to see if there is a driver to display a yellow exclamation mark? No, it means that the computer failed to recognize the cell phone. It can change USB interface or change the computer, or clean the data line interface, or try to change the data line. If there is yellow exclamation mark, it means that the computer has recognized the cell phone. The use of "360 mobile assistant", "pea clip" synchronous software installation driver, the first use will prompt the automatic installation driver. If you can't install it normally, it is recommended to try other synchronous soft automatic installation drivers (such as 91 handset assistants, QQ handset assistants, etc.)

3, change the USB connection line, USB option, drive and other operations are invalid, it is recommended to the mobile phone after the mobile phone.

There are also the following reasons: 

1 first to see if the memory card is a problem, to see if the computer's USB interface has a problem (can be tried with other phone).

2 if no problem that depends on whether you set up a firewall, prevent the access of mobile hard disk (I don't know what is your home with the computer, so I can not tell you the specific operation)

And what kind of word is your mobile phone?

3 do you use your mobile phone to go over the net? If you have been on,%80 is caused by a mobile phone poisoning, so long as it is OK for its mobile phone format.

4 drive problem. Right - key to my computer - properties - hardware - Device Manager - port (COM and LPT1) - update driver - follow the hint: the next step... Complete - check the scanning hardware changes or scan the plug and play. Wait and wait on the OK

There is a possibility that the data line is responsible for the existing problem of data transmission, and can try to change the root line.

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