Customs clearance - Check

- Jan 23, 2018 -


Inspection means that the customs is based on the declaration unit that has been declared by the customs declaring unit and has been audited, and through the actual verification of the export goods, we can determine whether a declaration document is consistent with the actual import and export goods. The specific practice is as follows:

By checking the actual goods and customs declaration documents to verify the single goods content and declared the declaration verification link is consistent, through the actual inspection found that the declaration can not find a single link without concealment, false declaration and false declaration etc..

Through the inspection can be made to verify the trial to declare a single aspect of doubt, provide a reliable basis for the supervision of Taxation, statistics and follow-up management. After the customs inspection of the goods, a copy of the inspection records should be filled in. General cargo inspection inspection records including time, place, import and export of goods, the consignor or the agent name, declaration, inspection and transport packaging of goods (such as transportation, container number, size, name and title), the name of the goods, specifications etc..

 The inspection documents should be opened within 1 days from the date of acceptance, and the inspection will be completed within 1 days from the customs inspection conditions. After the inspection is completed, the customs clearance procedures must be completed within 4 hours. Tax: according to the relevant provisions of the Customs Law, the import and export goods shall be subject to customs duties except as otherwise stipulated by the state. 

Customs duties are levied by customs in accordance with customs import and export tax. Need to charge the goods within 1 days from the acceptance of the declaration issued to pay tax and income tax, nuclear within 2 hours of completion of customs clearance.

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