Customs clearance - declaration

- Jan 23, 2018 -


The consignor of export goods in accordance with the provisions of the export contract, on time, quality and quantity to prepare export goods, which shall go through the formalities of shipping and transportation company, prepare the declaration to the customs formalities, or entrust a specialized custom brokers company (agent) for customs clearance procedures.

Enterprises that require professional or agent declaring enterprises to apply for customs declaration procedures shall, before the goods are exported, handle the entrusted customs formalities at the export port to the nearest customs declaration enterprises or the agent declaration enterprises. A specialized customs declaration enterprise or agent declaring enterprise entrusted with the entrustment shall receive a formal declaration certificate from the entrusting unit, and the customs declaration shall be based on the format required by the customs.

Preparation of documents used for customs declaration is the basis for ensuring the smooth clearance of export goods. In general, the customs shall prepare the documents in addition to the export goods declaration, including consignment note (i.e. the next paper), a copy of the invoice, a copy of the contract trade, export verification involved and the conditions of customs supervision documents.

Declaration should be noted: the time limit for customs declaration: the time limit for declaration is the time limit for customs declarations when the goods are transported to the port. The time limit for the customs declaration for export goods is 24 hours ago. The goods that do not need to be taxed and inspected shall be passed through the customs declaration within 1 days from the acceptance of the declaration.

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