Customs clearance process

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Customs clearance process

1. Change the list - go to the freight forwarder or the shipping company to change the D/O. (according to the bill of lading in the hand to determine where to change the list. H B/L freight forwarder B / L M B/L bill of lading)

Two. The electronic declaration: computer pre recorded, check and send, contact the customs / release.

Three. Inspection - after the electronic declaration is released, we go to the inspection bureau to go through the quotation procedures with one of the four links of the customs declaration form. The customs declaration form or the three inspection seal are made.

Four. Site handover list - Customs handover

Five. Inspection - the customs according to the supervision conditions of the name of the goods declaration, and the inspection probability of the same day for inspection, if the inspection will open the notice of the inspection.

Six. Release - the customs release has the following steps:

One release

Open a notice of inspection or no inspection and direct the 2 release

After the inspection, do seal after release.

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