Customs clearance - release

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Customs clearance - release

1. for the general export goods, the consignor or the agent truthfully declare to the customs, and paid the amount of taxes payable and related fees, customs in export shipping order on the cover of "chapters" export goods customs clearance shipper with shipment shipment exit.

2.: apply for export goods it shoutouts consignor shall shut out in three days from the date of the customs declaration conference, approved by the Customs after the goods shipped out of customs supervision premises.

3. issue of the export tax rebate declaration, customs clearance, with the "stamp" in the special customs declaration form for export tax rebate light yellow and has been responsible to the tax authorities for the record of the customs examination of export tax rebate signature, refund declaration unit. In China, about 150 million dollars worth of goods are exported every day. Every day after the export check and export tax refund is delayed, it will cause great loss to the customers.

How to speed up the export check and write off tax rebate speed? The most important point in the operation of documents is to fill in the export declaration form correctly. The contents of customs declaration and shipping companies must transmit to the customs manifest content, can successfully write off tax rebate.

On the customs declaration and clearance, due to transportation loading and other reasons, some goods can't load the original declaration of transport, consignor of export goods to the customs shall promptly submit the "export goods declaration form" and change the corrected invoice, bill of lading and the single box to make corrections, such declaration content in order to manifest and content.

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