Don't mix your phone data cables

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Different specifications, different models on the market, there are hundreds of different cable size, usually between different brands and products of the receiver and the sender is different, so the data line can't mix directly, even if sometimes different electronic products, below does not form a complete set of data, although can also be used, but easy to a problem.

The data lines are all models. Different phones and cameras have different data lines. In this way, you need to be specific to the phone and camera model. In addition, there are many USB cables for mobile phones and cameras, which can be used with MP3 players.
For example, it is easy to break the half way when transferring files, and if it is a long term low voltage power supply, it is also easy to cause the damage of some equipment in the hard disk. Therefore, in the use of the electronic product data line, the concrete operation does not recommend mixing.

Compared with mobile hard drives, the data lines of mobile phones will be more "delicate", even if the same brand of electronic products, the connection of the same caliber, generally cannot be mixed. Some cell phone data line interface match, but operation is not available. In this case, due to the power supply problem, it will cause the instability of the motherboard, so you need to pay attention to the specification of the data line. Different types of cell phone data cables should not be mixed. Because the phone and computer are connected, the computer's data line interface is current, and if the relative current is inconsistent, there is a danger of burning the motherboard and the battery.

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