Failure to connect mobile data cable to computer unrecognized USB devices

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Failure to connect mobile data to computer lines, unrecognized USB devices

Programme 1:

Check the data line can not be used normally, connect the data line, the cell phone can be recharged normally. It shows that the possible socket contact is bad. Please try the data line over and over again.

Check whether the computer USB slot can be used normally. Check with the mouse, the wireless network card and so on.

Programme two:

Open the computer housekeeper, find the application treasure in the toolbox, open, click to connect the phone.

Open the phone settings, find the developer option, click USB to debug and keep the wake-up state, the two are open.

Use the Tencent handset housekeeper to speed up the ball to the mobile phone and turn off the unnecessary application that is running.

Restart the computer and the phone.

Programme three:

Try to change the data line. Or change the USB interface on a computer. If it's a desktop, it's better to plug in the back of the computer.

It may be that the USB interface of your mobile phone is bad

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