Five main things to watch for data lines

- Sep 30, 2017 -

The data line was broken in a few days, and the charging hour reached 10%, and even the IPAD showed no sign of... .. This is a problem we often encounter when using data lines. More serious people, such as charging their own mobile phones, can cause accidents such as spontaneous combustion. How to select a high and safe data line.

The five main things you should pay attention to when choosing a cable:

Pay attention to one thing: charging speed
Charge 50 percent of electricity per hour? Or does it take 5 hours to get to 10 percent? See a charging line performance is strong, should see its load current and voltage and the pressure drop, in other words, want to see in an electric current passes through the charging line, capacity is how many, how many wreck, wreck is related to the impedance of the line core. At present, there are some shanzhai charging lines on the market, the current is extremely unstable, it can consume the battery life of mobile phone.

Note the speed of transmission
It is believed that the length of the data line affects the transmission rate. In fact, within a certain length range, the length of the qualified data cable will not have a significant impact on transmission speed, and most of the fake charging lines on the market have only two cores. In addition, the diameter of the line is also will be more or less affect the mobile charging and data transmission speed, if the wire is not good, wire diameter and short, so even the normal length of the cable, its transmission performance is not very good, can appear even cable fever, cause potential safety hazard.

Note 3: the line head is strong
This point does not need too much, whenever used fake cable must have empathy, thread breakage, breaking a variety of reasons, such as leather material inferior, line core overheating, repeatedly plug and volume line for a long time. It is best to choose some fine workmanship when choosing.

Notice the design of the data line
The last flaw in the fake data line comes from its own design, which is long and easy to curl, 10 minutes of charging, and one hour of dissolving. Short data lines can do little to recharge their batteries. So the moderate length is convenient to receive and carry convenience. In addition, some of the shanzhai manufacturers are saving cost and choosing some materials with cheap materials as thread skins, so we will always find that after a period of time, the data line will become hard, causing the charging to be blocked.

Note 5: the stability of the current
Many of the fake cables are likely to destroy an important chip in the phone because of the unstable current. This chip controls the charging voltage, the power button, the USB function, and so on. After the damage, the phone will not be turned on.

According to the above five aspects to choose the data line, can greatly reduce the use of the problems encountered. As an important channel for mobile phone power supply, mobile data cable must be equipped with the five basic features of fast charging, security, stable data transmission, strong and durable, easy to carry. It is suggested that the user should not choose the shanzhai brand after the data line is damaged, not only will it cost the money, but the cell phone may also be damaged. Select the big brand to have the data line of the certified data line factory, completely rid of the various unpleasant products brought by inferior products.

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