Flash technology and high pass Quick Charge QC2.0 technology popularization and advantages and disadvantages

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Flash technology and high pass Quick Charge QC2.0 technology popularization and advantages and disadvantages

At present, there are two kinds of fast - charging technology that can really be called technology, one is flashing technology and the other is high pass Quick Charge 2 technology. The two technology is to combine the charger and the hardware of the mobile phone to realize, and the lack of one will affect the effect.

Let's talk about flashy technology first. The core of the flash charge technology is actually two, one is the subsection charge current control, the other is the multi line setting of the charging cable and the battery.

To put it simply, in fact, when the cell phone battery power is low, a large current is charged, and the charging current decreases step by step with the increase of charging voltage. This is called segmented charging current control. In addition, charging cable line flash charge is composed of 4 or 5 pin expansion ordinary 7 needle, mainly to solve the loss in the transmission line in high current is too large, the battery contacts also increases accordingly, and take certain measures of flow, but also to solve the heating problem of high current battery under the.

Its greatest advantage is that the battery is also adjusted to reduce the heat of the battery and the whole system. The second advantage is reliability design, but this is not the key technology, and then we don't elaborate on it. The third is speed, especially in the middle and late period, the flash charge is the fastest in the fast filling. But it is not perfect to have no defects, on the contrary, flash charge has a fatal flaw, it is Android and other mobile phone charging compatibility problems, its adapter, charging cable, battery, mobile phone side circuit is their own technology, making it difficult to popularize this technology.

In addition, it may also affect the experience of mobile phone users, because the essence of flash charging is concentrated on the charger, so once you go out and forget the charger, the charging efficiency will be greatly reduced, which is still very easy to happen. Conversely, if you use the flash charger to charge other cell phones, because the cell phone has no corresponding adaption, the charging effect is only equivalent to the high current charging, and the effect will not be good enough for the mobile phone that is suitable for flash charging.

Let's talk about the Quick Charge 2 technology. The core technology is to reduce the charging current by raising the charging voltage, so as to reduce the power consumption on the charging line. There will be a corresponding step-down circuit on the mobile phone side. The circuit will transform the high voltage and low current into low voltage and high current. So in essence, the flash charging and Quick Charge 2 are the same. They all supply a large charging current to the cell phone battery at the beginning of the battery, and gradually reduce the charging current with the increase of battery voltage.

Disadvantages and advantages of Quick Charge 2 is the largest of its compatibility and inheritance is better, the external interface is used in the current USB standard, do not have to buy a special cable, but no quick charge function in the Quick Charge 2 mobile phone charger, charging is in accordance with the ordinary way. Its disadvantage is that the side of the mobile phone will have a greater fever relative to the flash cell phone, and the charging speed is slightly slow.

From a technical point of view, flash charging is actually better than Quick Charge 2, because it has made corresponding adjustments to all aspects of charging, but to popularized, simply watching technology itself is also unrealistic.

From the perspective of development, Quick Charge 2 is more suitable for popularization because of the properties of integrated chips. At the moment, many high-end models have adopted this technology, and basically formed an ecological environment. The driving force of giants will play a great role.

Generally speaking, the fast charging power supply, because the output of large current, even for ordinary mobile phones when charging to ordinary phones, will be faster than the conventional charger, but the charging efficiency will not reach the effect of fast charging technology.

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