Frequent use of car charger, will affect the phone?

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Frequent use of car charger, will affect the phone?

Car charger Conventional car battery car (car 12V, truck 24V) powered car charger, a lot of use in a variety of portable, handheld devices, lithium battery charging areas, such as: mobile phones, PDA, GPS, etc .; car charger both Taking into account the actual needs of lithium battery charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, over-voltage protection OVP), but also take into account the harsh environment of automotive batteries (transient spikes, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); Of the power management IC must meet the following: high-voltage, high efficiency, high reliability, low-frequency (conducive to EMI design) switching power supply chip;

The principle of car charger is to 12-volt voltage dropped to 5 volts after charging the phone, due to the price limit of the charger, the circuit has many shortcomings, the circuit has almost no protection, if the buck and current limiting circuit fails Will result in 12 volts directly into the phone, the phone will be bad. Or recommend the use of car inverter rose to 220 volts, and then the original charger, so safe and mobile phone battery Ye Hao. Car above the car charger, the output voltage is DC, is the voltage between 12v-24v. Car charger quality is not very bad, it will not affect the phone charge, but not recommended.

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