High pressure fast charging and low pressure fast charging

- Jan 08, 2018 -

High pressure fast charging and low pressure fast charging

The representative of high pressure and fast charge mainly include high pass QC, PEP of the co generation department, which generally supports 9V/2A or 12V/2A.  Later, a lot of waistcoat appeared, such as Samsung FastCharge and ASUS Mobile's fast charging, all of which are Qualcomm QC vest, and mCharge of Meizu is the waistcoat of PEP.

The characteristic of this kind of scheme is the compatibility of the existing Micro USB and data line. Only the specific power management and identification chip can be added, but the disadvantage is that the heat is high when full speed and fast charging.

The representatives of low voltage fast charging are mainly OPPO VOOC, HUAWEI SuperCharge and Magic Power. OPPO VOOC and SuperCharge support 5V/5A, while Magic Power supports 5V/8A. The DASH fast filling technology that supports 5V/4A is actually an authorization for OPPO VOOC, and is essentially a kind of VOOC.

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