How can I do of the data line connect to a computer that can only be charged?

- Dec 19, 2017 -

How can I do of the data line connect to a computer that can only be charged?

Generally speaking, when mobile phones connect to computers through data lines, there will be more or less kinds of problems, either the connection of data wires is not normal, or the software is not installed. The following analysis of various reasons and solutions.

1, open the intelligent USB mode. If the handset is equipped with a handset assistant, it shows that the data switch is not opened. Open the way to find the mobile phone: Setup - Developer options - Check: keep wake-up and USB debug. The connection is completed at this time according to the prompt directly into the next step.

2, the mobile phone does not install the handset assistant software. If the cell phone does not install pea pods, 360 handset assistants, and so on, can not use data lines to transmit data, that is, the cell phone can only show charge. Method: the computer anti-virus software will automatically detect the data of the mobile phone, and prompt it to open: USB debugging and keeping the wake-up function. According to different software prompts, the next step is directly. When the handset assistant follows the step, the computer automatically detects and connects the mobile phone.

3, the reason that the data line is not matched. In general, the phone data line is common, but in addition to a few mobile phones, with other data lines, it is impossible to connect the computer and can only be charged. I have encountered such a problem. Even the charge can not be completed, so the original data line must be collected to prevent the appearance of similar phenomena.

4, a cell phone is likely to be a virus. Many mobile phones often surf the Internet, and download a lot of games and software, imperceptibly brought a variety of security risks to the mobile phone. When the virus is in the cell phone, some of the mobile phones may not be able to connect to the computer. At this time, it must be killed by the mobile phone anti-virus software, and then continue to connect. When the cell phone is unable to kill poison thoroughly, you can find the after-sale service directly to kill poison and find out the reason.

5, the problem of the mobile phone itself. Now the mobile phone is more and more intelligent, but also mobile phone, there are a variety of problems, either software or hardware, the general mobile phone game player basically can not be solved by computer can not connect, in this case, only to find mobile phone service providers for maintenance.

6. The problem of the data line interface of the mobile phone. Test method, use the same data line, change a normal cell phone to test, if only show charge, but can not connect the computer. It shows that it is a data line problem, and you can try to change a new line of data for two connections.

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