How can the mobile phone wireless charge be realized?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

How can the mobile phone wireless charge be realized?

Wireless charging technology is being used by more and more mobile phones. Most of the current chargers, such as iPad and iPhone, are directly connected to metal wires to charge the battery for the equipment. In contrast, wireless charging has the advantages of convenient, safe and durable. There is no danger of electric shock and no corrosion of oxygen and water and longer life, because there is no external contact.  Like the original WiFi and Bluetooth technology, wireless charging technology would fundamentally change the habit of using the mobile phone.

The wireless charger is actually based on the principle of electromagnetic induction charging device, similar to the transformer, the sending and receiving ends of a coil, the transmitter coil connection cable power supply of electromagnetic signal, electromagnetic signal receiving coil induction transmitter to generate electricity for the electric equipment. As shown in the following diagram, the current flows through the coil to produce a magnetic field. Other non - electrified coils will produce electric currents near the magnetic field. Wireless charging applies this physical phenomenon and arranges the coils that resonate with the magnetic field to extend the power supply distance.

At present, there are four main wireless charging standards on the market: Qi standard, Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard, Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) standard, iNPOFi technology. Among them, the Qi standard developed by the US based industry group "wireless charging alliance" (WPC) is adopted by most of the mobile phones and electronic devices on the market. By standardization of wireless charging, all products with Qi signs can be recharged with a general charging device.

However, because there are still some problems in wireless charging technology, it has not been used by most mobile devices yet, but only on some high-end phones. First of all, due to the cost constraints, the current cost of wireless charger is still far higher than that of ordinary chargers, and because most of the mobile phone manufacturers do not emphasize the promotion because of the high cost of maintenance. The second is that the power transmission loss is too large, which causes most of the wireless charger to be charged less than the ordinary charger.

Especially when battery technology has not been broken, the use of cell phone charging time is becoming more and more fragmented. Various charging technologies have become the standard of mobile phones. Charging efficiency will be the biggest obstacle to the development of wireless charging technology.

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