How many kinds of data lines?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

There are several types of data lines by function:

Data lines according to the function of the Internet cable, brush machine line, synchronous cable, charging cable, multi-function line.

Internet cable: can only be used for GPRS or CDMA 1X Internet.

Brush machine line: Brush can only be used to upgrade. 3. Synchronous line: used to transmit phone book, picture ringtones, text messages, multimedia information, of course, some are two-way transmission, some only support one-way transmission, such data lines are more common.

Charging line: usually the Internet cable or sync line plus a USB charging function, more practical and convenient, Internet and bulk SMS essential features. Can also be subdivided into two types with charging and charging switch, the former one plugged in to charge, the latter has a small switch, you can control whether the charge. Of course, the highest grade with a charge switch, the price is more expensive.

Multi-function line: At the same time support for the Internet, synchronization, brush machine, charging 2 or more than 2 features, the new Samsung line also comes with a dual interface, USB synchronous Internet access, serial brush machine.

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