How to buy a car charger that is more suitable for yourself

- Jan 16, 2018 -

How to buy a car charger that is more suitable for yourself ?

Car charger products in the market and the network, regardless of the friends is to buy in the store to buy on the Internet, many are uneven levels, I do not know what a comparison, we also know that the car charger price is not expensive, but if you buy the products illegally take it, it is likely to burn out the auto fuse and digital products. It may even harm personal safety. So what should we do to improve the skills of screening high quality car chargers?

1. First, be clear about the output voltage of your car's cigarette lighter

The output voltage of the car is 12V, and the truck is 24V. Generally, the general purpose vehicle charger (12V) is suitable for cars. If it is other vehicles, it needs to choose the corresponding voltage standard. There are many car chargers that have been able to make 12V-24V standard, that is, all models are applicable.

2. To understand the automatic protection function of the vehicle charger

The functions of vehicle charger are over voltage, overcurrent, overheating and short circuit protection. The shell is preferably made of ABS flame retardant and environmental protection material, which can prevent external combustion and beautiful appearance, and touch hands without leaving fingerprints.

3. Pay attention to the voltage and current size

When buying a car charger, pay attention to the voltage and current of the equipment, such as the iPhone is 5V/1A, the tablet computer and the mobile power supply are mostly 5V/2A. If the dual USB interface vehicle charger is charged to mobile phones and tablet computers at the same time, the total current of vehicle charger should be at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed will not only decrease significantly, but also will overheat or even damage the device.

4. Know how much the total current of the charger is purchased

In general, regular products will indicate how much A the output current is on the charger. If the purchased charger is charged with mobile phone + tablet computer, it will not only slow but also generate great heat, that is, the current is not up to standard.

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