How to buy the mobile power supply, mainly refer to the technical parameters and elements of those aspects?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

How to buy the mobile power supply, mainly refer to the technical parameters and elements of those aspects?

From the internal structure of mobile power, it is mainly composed of lithium battery, protection circuit and PCB circuit board, and the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile power supply is also reflected in these two parts. From the application point of view, it is the main battery storage capacity and battery power, quality is difficult to distinguish from the surface up, no one can be sure the electric core between different brands there is huge difference in quality, unless some time-consuming long aging test batteries. The PCB circuit board is more responsible. The circuit board is responsible for the actual conversion efficiency of mobile power, various protection mechanisms and output effect. It can be said that the design of circuit board directly determines the output quality of mobile power. Therefore, if the PCB circuit board of a mobile power supply has good workmanship and design, and the core is also excellent, and has a solid protection circuit, the quality of the mobile power will be guaranteed.

Of course, consumers are unable to learn about the inside of the mobile power supply.  Without considering the capacity of mobile power, from the consumer's point of view, can be simply that a battery capacity and nominal capacity to match, at the same time with various reasonable protection mechanism of higher conversion efficiency, and aging, decay slower mobile power, mobile power is a good.

First, look at the core. Is the most flexible packaging lithium battery and 18650.

Soft package lithium battery, also known as polymer batteries, as a paste battery, can be made into various shapes, so the industry called roolls. The capacity through mathematical formula projections, the market for soft appearance more beautiful personality. The safety factor is high, but the probability of rising and burning is relatively large.

18650, liquid lithium batteries, 18 and 65 indicate the size of the core, and 0 indicate that they are cylindrical. The capacity is large and is up to 3000mAh, but it is possible to explode, and the safety factor is low. If the outer packing protective plate is attached, the probability of the explosion will be greatly reduced.

Second, look at the protective board. The protection board is designed to be able to adjust automatically when the power is overcharged or discharged. After the electricity is filled, it automatically closes the charging function. The protective plate can also increase the conversion rate and reduce the effect of resistance on the charging.

Third, the appearance. Belief in appearance is one of the most important factors for a lot of friends to choose and buy mobile power. The appearance of a fashion can increase a lot of fun. The higher the volume in the same volume, the small shape can highlight the portability of the mobile power supply and increase the practicality.

Fourth, electrical parameters:

1. charging voltage and current: the charge voltage is generally required 5V, which can be used as a universal handset adapter. The charging current theory is the bigger the better the better, the faster the charge. In fact, we should pay attention to the problem of fever.

2. electric core capacity: the general capacity of the core is proportional to the volume, and the larger the volume is, the larger the capacity is. Try to choose the products with large capacity under the same volume. 3. output voltage and output current: the output voltage must require the 5V. discharge current theory to be as big as possible, and the faster the charge is. In fact, we should pay attention to the heat problem and the characteristics of the digital products.

4. protection parameters. It should have protective measures such as overvoltage, over current, under pressure and so on. These parameters determine the charging speed of the mobile power supply, the time of charging and the safety of the use, which has a great relationship with the daily use of the people.

5., choose the core: the core is the most important part of the mobile power supply, the quality of the core basically represents the quality of the mobile power product, so this is the first choice. The market rechargeable lithium ion batteries have this several polymer batteries, aluminum batteries, steel shell battery, electric core cylindrical metal shell (the most commonly used is the 18650 cylindrical batteries), aluminum batteries are mainly used for mobile phone battery, electric core shell steel is low, basically no, as mobile the power supply is mainly polymer batteries and cylindrical batteries, relatively speaking, cylindrical core prices are lower cost, but the performance of polymer batteries will be better, capacity and discharge platform and cycle times are better than the cylindrical type, the most important is the polymer batteries safer than cylindrical battery, polymer battery the core is a plastic film shell, no matter what the circumstances will not explode, and the cylindrical core is metal shell once the charge discharge may have abnormal explosion, caused by physical injury. This is the same as the cell phone battery explosion, can not be eliminated, only to reduce the probability of this occurrence. Therefore, it is best to choose the polymer core for the mobile power supply, and it is not necessary to take a mobile power supply to risk the explosion.

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