How to choose good USB cables ? Data line purchase Data line purchase

- Dec 19, 2017 -

How to choose the good USB cables ?

Data line purchase

1. feel soft and hard

High quality data lines are softer and inferior data lines tend to be hard. So the soft wire is often more durable and easy to receive, and the hard line for a long time may not be able to recharge or transmit data. You might as well touch it when you choose and buy.

2. try loosing

In the purchase, you can try it first to see if the plug is good. The poor data line, plug into the mobile interface is a bit hard, or slack. This is a long time, the phone is very bad, easy to damage the socket.

3. look at the data line interface

High quality data lines are generally alloy, and contacts may also be plated with gold. And the inferior wire, the interface is rough, without gloss.

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