How to choose import customs clearance

- Jan 23, 2018 -

How to choose import customs clearance?

For imported goods, the Customs approved by the state currently have two ways besides temporary entry: one is the general trade declaration import, the other is the express way import, and these two import forms have their own advantages.

The advantage of general trade customs declaration is that it can import the goods in large quantities and provide all the taxes and related charges imposed by the customs. The tax payment provided to the enterprise can play the role of tax and tax rebate. But the general trade import limitation is great, one: for the bulk and urgent need of the goods, the general trade can not reflect its advantages. Because first of all it required the clearance time is relatively slow (general trade import requirements of the documents, the number must be complete, for the time spent long time). Second, it requires that the imported goods must be separately used as a trailer to enter the customs entrance, which will cause the increase of the cost of the imported goods and the delay of the time. General trade is more suitable for the production of raw materials, mechanical production lines, and other high value goods.

As far as the import is concerned, its advantages are obvious. First, it can not provide the goods owner certificate and relevant proof, secondly because it requires information only goods in the commercial invoice and packing list so express import needed time and speed faster than imports from the receipt of the goods to the customs clearance to the mainland in a day or two. If there are more goods in the case of goods, the import can be declared in batch, so the import of a large number of goods can also be imported by express. Express import more suitable for: IC, communication products, wine, cosmetics, rare leather goods, small tonnage machines and so on.

Which involves the cost of imports, imports in the general trade import express was significantly higher than that of. Because all the fees and taxes levied it demands are based on single ticket goods to, but because it can provide proof of the corresponding invoice and tax. Taking into account the needs of the company, these are essential the Express import drawback is not able to separate customer invoices issued customs levied, because it is the import tariffs and import a batch of goods produced by the increase of tax in the process of import, and this part of taxes at the time of import by the commissioned logistics company which offset off. But if there is a need for the bill, it can also be handled by other means, and it is completely legal. As the time and cost of the express import are much lower than the general trade, there are many customers who choose this type of import. As for the above contents, the advantage of Express import is much more obvious than that of general trade import. The advantage of Express import is less time, quicker speed and simpler procedure. It is better than general trade import.

Importing different goods should choose different ways of customs clearance. When customers are importing customs, they are generally concerned about the time needed to import goods, the cost of customs clearance, and the safety of goods. If we can correctly grasp the way of importing customs clearance, it will be twice the best.

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