How to identify the poor mobile power supply

- Jan 11, 2018 -

How to identify the poor mobile power supply?

Symbol of Shanzhai 1: do not mark the output current value of USB port. In this case, the output current of the USB port of the product may be only 0.5A

Symbol two of Shanzhai: error of electric parameter marking. For example, mAh is written as mA, and the power behind the battery does not mark the battery voltage, because there is a different electric core with 3.8V and 3.7V, and the corresponding energy is different. It is also a very amateur practice to mark the electric core parameters without marking the voltage.

Logo three: more than 8000mAh capacity, USB output current is still only 1A. Increasing the capacity of the mobile power supply needs to add the core, and the increase of the output current needs to increase the specification of the component in the converter. The large capacity mobile power supply is not even bigger than the cost of the circuit components, and it is difficult to expect them to not do the hand and foot on the electric core.

The symbol of the Shanzhai four: the energy conversion efficiency is less than 75%. Energy efficiency is the energy released by the measured energy divided by the energy labeled by the core (common tile time marking), and the positive products are more than 82%. When you see a mobile power, a mobile power conversion efficiency is only 70%, then there are two possibilities. If it is not too bad, the heating will be high and the heat loss will be much. Otherwise, the energy density of the core will cause the denominator to become larger. In either case, are copycat and profiteers practices.

Shanzhai logo five: can not load current according to nominal value. In 2011, we tested more than half of the mobile power sources, and could not load the rated current. For example, the 1A current was labeled, and the actual maximum load was only 0.7A current. This situation and a 300 - watt power supply on the label itself is the 450 watt power of the same nature and virtual standard.

The symbol of the Shanzhai six: the price is very low. When you see the capacity of tens of thousands of mAh, the price of a mobile power supply of only tens of yuan must not be bought, the positive brand of the product will not be so low. The retail price of 10000mAh mobile power supply is also about one hundred yuan.

The symbol of the Shanzhai seven: three no products [6]. You will find that there are no brand information on many products, and there is no information, no factory name, no address, no trademark on the outer package. In the case of simple general identification, this situation is generally not selected, neither security nor security.

The symbol of the Shanzhai eight: the safety factor is low. News about the safety of mobile power is common, including its nature, explosion and so on. In order to secure its own property, it is necessary to choose a mobile power with high security and brand guarantee.

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