How to properly maintain the mobile power supply

- Jan 11, 2018 -

How to properly maintain the mobile power supply?

You can use the following principles:

(1) do not charge for a long time after full electricity. This is not very important, because regular charger or computer charging is intelligent and full stop, especially with so-called universal charger or poor charger.

(2) when charging the battery, try to use the special socket, do not share the socket with the TV and other household appliances, especially small capacity sockets. This is not very important, because the charger can tolerate voltage fluctuations and undervoltage charging.

(3) do not expose the battery to high temperature or cold.

(4) do not make the battery exhaustion, reminding the charging in time.

(5) do not use batteries for a long time.

The following contents are for reference

(6) the battery should be recharged after the first use of the battery.

(7) ensure a full charge and discharge (non lithium battery) once a month.

(8) try not to use fast charging as much as possible.

(9) do not use a charger.

(9) try not to turn the cell phone on at the time of the charge (the lithium battery is not a big problem).

(10) if the cell phone battery is not used for too long, it is best to apply to the cell phone maintenance department to make an activation process for the battery.

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