Introduction of customs clearance at Brazil port

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Introduction of customs clearance at Brazil port

One. Import documents

Commercial invoice

5 with English or Portuguese fill commercial invoice. The invoice must be replaced by the manufacturer, retailers and brokers with English or fill out a detailed Portuguese shipping situation, with English and Portuguese words of two kinds of product specifications. The invoice should also declare the place of origin and the exact price. The exporter may ask the importer whether it needs proof and notarization of the price of the currency in the exporter's business sector. Brazil customs does not pay the amount of the commercial invoice, the amount of the penalty will be equal to the tariff. When the commercial invoice is not in conformity with the customs declaration, the penalty will be 1% to 5% of the duty.

Bill of lading

There are 5 non transferable bills of lading. One copy is attached to the commercial invoice. All bill of lading or freight list must be marked with figures and words for freight.

Certificate of origin

Generally do not need, because the commercial invoice has been indicated on the place of origin. If necessary, there shall be two formal certificates of origin, certified by the commercial sector and accompanied by notarization.

Two, customs declaration and entry

Customs affairs in Brazil are specifically responsible for the customs affairs under the Ministry of finance, including the formulation and implementation of customs policies, the collection of customs duties, and the implementation of customs supervision system. According to the customs regulations of the federal administration of Taxation, the customs declaration procedure of all goods must be carried out through the Brazil foreign trade network system (SISCOMEX).

The declaration of goods is the beginning of the declaration process from the date of filing the foreign trade network system. The clearance of goods is the end of the application procedure from the date of the formal notification of the foreign trade network system. Brazil customs inspection of customs clearance goods, that is, according to green, yellow, red three different colors to deal with. Green, that is, the declaration of goods can be completely exempt from inspection, and automatic customs clearance; yellow is only to check the submitted documents, if verified, the goods will be automatically cleared; red, that is, customs documents and goods need to be inspected before customs clearance.

If an import license is required for importing goods, the importer usually applies to the foreign trade operation Bureau of Brazil industrial and commercial tourism department (DECOM) before shipment. The import license is valid within 60 days from the date of shipment. Within 90 days after the arrival of the goods, the importer should go through the customs formalities and enter the import declaration form into the foreign trade network system for registration and begin the customs declaration procedure.

The contents of the declaration form should be filled in according to the prescribed form of the federal tax administration. After the Brazil customs audited a series of import declaration data, the importer can make a loan. According to the relevant regulations, the customs shall submit the inspection results within 5 working days. When the goods are inspector, the parties shall be present. If the goods need sample inspection, the cost shall be borne by the parties. In addition, some special goods can be taken in advance declaration system, such as bulk goods, flammable and explosive and dangerous goods, radiation of the live animals, plants and fresh fruits perishable goods and printing paper, the government departments of import goods, land, river and lake transport of goods.

Four. Free Trade Area

The largest ports in Brazil are Santos, Rio De Janeiro, Paranagua, Recife and Vitoria. Brazil has set up various forms of free zones at the above ports, such as free port, free trade area, bonded warehouse and remouth area. The most famous of these is the Manaus free trade area. All goods entering the area must be marked with the words "Free Zone of Manaus" on the invoice of the commercial invoice, but it is not allowed to transport the imported goods to other parts of Manaus through the area.

There are two in the border area, the first is from abroad to enter the region, another is from entering the domestic zone. On the one hand, foreign goods can be allowed to enter the special zone from abroad and not subject to Customs control. On the other hand, commodities need to be imported from the special zone to enter the domestic market. The goods need to be examined by the customs and pay the import duties.

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