Is the charging speed of the mobile phone related to the data cable

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Is the charging speed of the mobile phone related to the data line?

When we use mobile phone charger to charge the cell phone, we often encounter the phenomenon that sometimes the charging is fast, sometimes the charge is slow, and even the electricity quantity is down, and the charging indicator is on. So what is the cause of this phenomenon? Is there anything to do with the data line? Many people should have such questions, and the following will be explained by the technicians of yonglotong.

The data line is connected to the charger and cell phone, because the data line has resistance, so it will produce voltage drop on the data line. If the resistance is too large, it will cause a lot of power loss on the data line. The charging speed will affect the data line some of the street on the market inside the wire is very small (smaller resistance bigger), not even copper (e.g. copper clad aluminum), resistance value is very large, may cause the charging slow, even not charge.

Charging inside the mobile phone, the speed of the cell phone recharges depends on the size of the current and the size of the load. AC, switching power, data line resistance, cell phone charging circuit DC, battery protection plate and core are all factors that influence charging current. Apart from other problems, the conductor diameter of conductor material has great influence on the current. Good wire and bad wire are resistor themselves, while the poor wire will increase the resistance and decrease the current. It also resulted in a reduction in the speed of the battery charging.

The most important reason is the connection of data line. Basically, the wire used in the original charging line of the flagship machine is very good, and the joints used in different places are different. The quality of the joint, the tightness of the socket, the quality of the welding, the coating of the interface, all of which can cause the resistance to be the cause of the slow charging speed of the cell phone.

To sum up, mobile phone charging speed and data lines are related, but the relationship is large, so we use the charging time, the best use of good quality as well as the charging head cable for charging, so as to ensure the charging speed, but also can ensure the safety of mobile phone and charger.

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