Is the charging speed related to the data cables

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Is the charging speed related to the data line

The charging speed of the mobile phone is generally influenced by three aspects.

1. the output power of the power adapter (charger) can meet the demand of the mobile phone. According to the different mobile phone battery capacity, charging current of the requirements are different, are generally 05C-0.8C, such as 2000MAH battery 0.5C, is the current 1A, 0.8C is 1.6A, his charge current at 1A to 1.6A, mobile phone will generally to this value for a set of 1A or 2A, but also to meet the power adapter on the market (charger) output standard. It is easy to understand that the charge current of the battery capacity less than 2500MAH is generally 1A, and the charging current of more than 2500MAH is 2A.

The output current of the power adapter that you choose should be equal to or greater than the charge current of the cell phone. There is a common misunderstanding, some people think that is a high power mobile phone charger will burn or overcharge the battery, in fact, the output current is its maximum output power adapter, charging the mobile phone when the actual input current is determined by the control circuit of the mobile phone, which is not determined by the power source adapter. The output voltage of a power adapter that is burned by a cell phone or battery is more than 5.2V, which is determined by a long time charging, and has nothing to do with the power of a large power. It is recommended that when selecting the power adapter, choose a larger power than your cell phone request, so that for the power adapter, there is no full load operation, which can ensure the stable output of the current.

2. whether the voltage drop of the data line is qualified. The data line is connected to the charger and cell phone, because the data line has resistance, so it will produce voltage drop on the data line. If the resistance is too large, it will cause a lot of power loss on the data line. Effect of charging speed, the data line some of the street on the market inside the wire is very small (smaller resistance bigger), not even copper (e.g. copper clad aluminum), resistance value is very large, can lead you to charging slow, even not charge.

3. whether the charging mode has a current limiting. If you use the wrong way to charge the charge, you can also be restricted to the charging current, causing your power adapter power to be too powerful. The common limiter has two kinds, one is the data transmission mode of charging current, will be limited to less than 0.5A, common in the computer USB port for charging the mobile phone in the office crowd, the most simple method to solve this problem is the data line for a special charging line. Another limiting in Apple products, Apple Corp's products in the D+\D- end of the input current with a voltage value, as the recognition method is apple special charger, if ordinary charger shorting D+\D-, Apple products will limit the current, before the limit in 0.5A, now. Wide to 1A, so to choose the best charging apple products, apple charger circuit identification.

When all of the above aspects have been noticed, and you have made the right choice, your charging speed has been maximized theoretically and will not hurt your cell phone.

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