Magnetic data lines make charging more convenient

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Along with the time development, mobile phones, mobile power supply, the popularity of pad and so on function of equipment, we all need to recharge every day, all need to use cable (charging line), in the plug of the USB line repeatedly, a note will not result in many accidents, such as mobile phone damage, and even personal accident, so a good headphone cables can let we worry a lot, then introduce a high pretend bility charging device - magnet wires
The magnetic type data line allows users to find the charging port again and again without having to use force to plug in the wires, making it more convenient to charge the phone.
Products are small, but very practical, and basically every person every day use, high pretend bility, rich sense of science and technology, magnetic adsorption, 15 mm automatic connection, data transmission, the highest output current of 2.4 A, fast charging. Gold and silver, the shell is made of metal alloy, nylon braided affine winding, adopting tpe new material, guaranteed fastness, not easy to pull out; The two sides of the line are made of metal, with a sense of texture and feel, and all of the charging contact parts are made of 24K gold plating, which is more fully exposed and more conductive. The thread made of nylon braided wire is more than one meter high, and has a white silica gel wire belt, convenient for receiving, convenient to carry.
It's easy to charge your phone or PAD with a magnetic data line. You can plug the MicroUSB charging head into your phone or PAD and use it without pulling it out. Need to recharge, you only need to charge magnetic suction mouth close to recharge my mobile phone or PAD, magnetic suction cable since the adsorption up automatically recharge the phone or PAD, both positive and negative, and a first magnetic suction cable has the blue wisdom the charging light is lit up, says adsorption is successful, is charged, the charge for a night electricity detection unexpectedly because jack didn't plug in tight electricity pit dad didn't washed up experience, will be forgotten in the dust of history.

In need charging equipment every day more and more cases, magnet wires is quite practical, it make charging is more simple, do not need to charge every time have to look at the socket is positive and negative direction, just put near to the magnetic charge and magnetic suction mouth cable absorb charging, charging is not only simple, and more safe, because of the pride and magnetic suction cable USES is tpe material braided line, not easy broken, not aging, easy magnetic suction charging ways, even suddenly pulling cable, also won't let us have a trip, mobile phone fly out of embarrassment, regardless of we take a rest, or the use of mobile phones when driving and street, a more comfortable.
Special remind, android and ios users should pay attention to the team well, apple and android magnetic magnetic suction charging cable suction cable structure, data cannot be Shared: oh, so special remind everyone choose corresponding models of magnetic data line, so as not to cause embarrassment.

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