Mobile power users will know

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Mobile power users will know

First, buying a mobile power source will first pay attention to the nominal capacity of the product, and there will be a battery capacity identification on the mobile power supply shell, such as 10400mAh. This represents the capacity of the battery. The larger the capacity, the more the number of mobile phones can be filled. The mainstream of the mobile power supply has done 10400mAh. But some illegal merchants will fill the cement block or use the inferior electric core. Consumers can buy from regular websites such as Jingdong or Tmall.

Second, the selection of the type of the electric core is also very important for the purchase of the mobile power supply. The electric core is divided into 18650 kinds of polymers and two kinds. Often exploding is 18650 core, heavy, but the price is cheaper. Polymer electric core is relatively safe, light weight, but high price. The future mobile power supply will gradually replace the 18650 core with the polymer core.  Therefore, the selection of polymer core can improve the safety factor to a great extent.

Third, the charging current and discharge current are easy to be ignored by consumers, but it is also important. The larger the charging current, the shorter the time for the mobile power supply. The general charging current is at 1A~2A.  Consumers can use the previous method to identify whether the charging current is virtual. The bigger the discharge current is, the greater the current is to charge the cell phone. This is a question that many people often ask. The charging current of the mobile phone is determined by the charging current of the cell phone itself. As long as the discharge current is larger than the rated charge current of the mobile phone, the mobile phone can be charged according to the rated current. For example, an apple cell phone is a 1A charge and a iPad is a 2.1A charge. If the discharge current of the mobile power supply is greater than 2.1A, it can guarantee the normal charging of the iPad or the apple cell phone.

Fourth, the input voltage and the output voltage. The input voltage is generally identified with the charging current, indicating the voltage of the adapter output to the mobile power supply, and the nominal value is 5V. But poor adapters can cause damage to the mobile power supply, and the peak voltage may be as high as 8V. The output voltage is generally identified with the discharge current at the same time, and the nominal value is 5V. The output voltage of the inferior mobile power supply may be as low as 4V or as high as 12V at the moment, so it often burns the cell phone.

Fifth, the efficiency of mobile power is also very important. If a mobile power conversion rate is not high, even if your mobile power is large capacity, it will not work much. Efficiency affects the temperature of the mobile power supply and the number of times the mobile phone is charged. The general charging and discharging efficiency is higher than 75%.

Sixth, electric power display mode, electric quantity display generally have LED lamp, digital tube and liquid crystal screen three types. The LED lamp is more intuitive, but not accurate. The digital tube and LCD panel seem to be more precise, but the quality is not very good.

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