Phone charging speed and data lines related to it?

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Phone charging speed and data lines related to it?

Phone charging speed generally affected by three aspects.

First: the power adapter (ie charger) output power can meet the needs of mobile phones. Phone in accordance with the different battery capacity, the charging current requirements are different, usually 05C-0.8C, for example, 2000MAH battery 0.5C, is the current 1A, 0.8C is 1.6A, his charge current is 1A to 1.6A Between, the phone will generally set a value for this value, 1A or 2A, but also to meet the market's power adapter output standards. Simple can be understood as the battery capacity of less than 2500MAH charging current 1A, greater than 2500MAH charging current of 2A.

The power adapter of your choice has an output current equal to or greater than the charge current of the phone. There is a common misunderstanding here is that some people think that high-power charger will burn the phone or overcharge the battery, in fact, the output power of the adapter is its maximum output, the actual input current is determined by the phone's control circuit when the phone is charging , Not by the power adapter decision. Burning a cell phone or battery overcharge is poor quality power adapter output voltage exceeds 5.2V, and long time charging decision, with high power has nothing to do. Suggest to choose the power adapter, choose a power than your phone requires a little larger, so for the power adapter, not at full capacity, but also to ensure the stability of the current output.

Second: data line voltage drop is qualified. The data line is connected to the charger and cell phone, because the data line has resistance, so there will be pressure drop in the data line, if the resistance is too large, will result in a lot of power loss in the data line. Affect the charging speed, the market some of the curbside data lines inside the thin copper wire (the more the greater the greater the value of the resistance), or even not pure copper (such as copper clad aluminum), a great resistance, may lead to your charging speed variable Slow, not even charge into electricity.

Third: charging mode whether there is a current limit. If you use the wrong way to charge may also be limited charge current, resulting in your power adapter and then power can not play a role. Common current limit has two kinds, one is data transfer mode charging, the current will be limited to below 0.5A, commonly used in the computer USB port to charge the cell phone office crowd, the simplest way to solve this problem is to data Line into a special charging line. Another current limiting is on Apple products, where Apple products add a voltage to the D + \ D-side of the input current as a way to identify whether it is an Apple-specific charger. If an ordinary charger puts the D + D-short, Apple products will limit the current, before the limit in the 0.5A, has been wide side to 1A, so Apple products, the best choice Apple identification circuit charger.

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