Practical guide to customs clearance at Australia port

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Practical guide to customs clearance at Australia port

1. Brief introduction of customs declaration formalities

Australian Customs importers need to fill out customs declarations accurately and in detail, and are liable for this. Customs requires customs declarer to fill out customs declaration according to invoice or business name, rather than eradicate the name of tax item, and declare it within 7 days.

Two. Import domestic consumer goods

The goods must go through the customs declaration procedures within 7 days of the arrival of the port, and must declare the Customs after the quarantine release. In addition to the main documents, such as the customs declaration form, the commercial invoice in parallel and the ground proof, the bill of lading and the import statement (for the specified type of goods), the goods declare the customs declaration.

Also some provisions such as: the packing box certificate for imported goods such as immediate extraction, installed in the wooden container, there must be proof of invoice issued by the exporter or official enclose a copy of the statement list before shipment has wood heat treatment or fumigation with Leah Australia quarantine requirements. Completely compressed wood does not need to be immune to treatment. A single or a group of container cleaning cleaning card collection vessel certificate number, shall be issued by the company or the packaging container container officers, and inspection to ensure that the importer was the goods immediately to the customs.

The certificate must be clear that all the goods loaded before have been cleared.  There must be some certificates for empty containers. The surface of the container must be free from soil and pollution-free, and the filling of the container is also suitable for the cushion, the pallet, and the wood padding.

Container shipping container with agricultural products, agricultural products in Australia must be transported to the designated place for quarantine inspection, customs clearance. If the importer shall direct delivery, must be submitted to the container bromide alcohol smoked certificate and product certificate of quarantine health certificate serial number: imported animal health certificate required or disease-free certificate. The import of most species of animals is prohibited. Chinese businessmen must know in advance whether some animals are allowed to import.

Three. Transit goods

Unloading or transshipment immediately installed in the export dock or airports, can also be temporarily closed in stack stored for days after the re export. In addition to the loading and unloading charges, the transit goods do not charge any other charges.

Four. In Australia, there is a licensed bonded warehouse, and one is a transshipment warehouse. The Australian Customs allowed businessmen take single domestic or export goods will change the packing in the dock, in addition to the modification of goods, other goods must according to the original packaging of goods can be imported by the competent customs business minister in the Australian government, conditions and regulations gazetted for modification. In bonded warehouses, some goods are made for export.

If the goods need to be taken out for exhibition, customs approval and discretion shall be equivalent to the amount of tariffs and sales tax charged deposit.

The Australian Customs carry out the import license and the burden management system outside the tariff quota for some imported goods. At present, the Australian Customs office assigns the quota to the first importer in proportion to the amount of the quota outside the quota.

According to the basis of imports: according to the distribution of importers in Customs recently announced the implementation of quotas for a certain period of time, the proportion of imported consumer goods clearance quantity and quota burden quantity, the quota allocated to the first importer burden.

According to the market share standard, the first importer should be allocated according to the quota function of the importer in the above period, ordering the number of similar or similar goods to the domestic manufacturer and the quota number outside the quota. The license and quota issued by the format and content of similar goods include: name and address of the importer's name and the validity of the mutual transfer and so on. The importer phonogram quota with the burden so that you can make the existing business or to the importer to replace the varieties, but also can make Pro importers in order to enter the market as soon as possible the use of quotas, the customs in the Australian federal government gazette published on quota holders of the name and address of the quota and etc..

The quota management office, after signing every quota, enters the central computer storage in Canberra to import strictly, so as to strictly enforce the import restriction, the quota that is not used can not be extended to the next stage, and it can no longer be issued to other importers.

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