Practical guide to customs clearance of Holland port

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Practical guide to customs clearance of Holland port

1. Entry and exit formalities

In accordance with the customs formalities of Holland, the captain should immediately submit an ordinary report to the customs before the arrival of the ship after the ship has entered the port. In some cases, the customs may also allow the customs clearance after unloading.

When importing goods to customs, they can be divided into domestic consumption, insurance warehouse or customs warehouse storage, transit, transhipment, delivery and re export at different locations.

Imported goods may be temporarily stored in a customs warehouse operated by a city transport company and a transport declaration agent. During the period of storage, the goods can be classified, packed, and so on under the supervision of the customs.

When ready to transport goods from other countries to port of discharge through Holland, these goods must go through official entry procedures through customs officers, whether they are at discharging port or at destination. Holland does not levy taxes on transit commodities, but it must issue a transit visa to the transport agent or the person in charge of the transit commodity. Then it can discharge the goods and accept customs inspection. If you can cover the mark, you need to cover it.

Two. Import documents

1. commercial invoice shipper must provide 2 copies of commercial invoices to the trustee.

2.The bill of lading is subject to the original bill of lading by the trustee, and the Dutch has no special regulations on the style of the bill of lading. The content of the bill of lading should be consistent with the contents of the commercial invoice and the package on the goods. If the cargo is transported by air, the air waybill may replace the bill of lading.

3. it is proved that Holland generally does not require a certificate of origin, but the importer and L / C may require a certificate of origin. If you need the certificate of origin, issued by the approved will usually increase a copy for archiving needs.

4. of Holland commodity inspection certificate, such as cattle, horses, pigs, meat processing, carnivorous animal fat, bone meal, blood meal, poultry and other import requirements issued by the chamber of Commerce, the origin of Veterinary Inspection Certificate or health official.

5. the standard certificate Holland stipulates that the following goods should be provided with standard certificates when they are imported, they are portable fire extinguishers, centrifuges, threshing machines, elevators, grinders, transformers, gas equipment, electrical meters, automobiles, water supply equipment, etc.

Four. Import tariff

The tariff in Holland is mainly from the tariff, that is, a certain percentage of the tariff is imposed on the price of the imported goods.

The price of a commodity is subject to the normal price at the time of import, that is, the price of the sale price of the commodity plus the cost of freight, insurance, commission and so on. The customs of Holland levy taxes on some special commodities from the quantity tax method, that is to say, according to the total weight, length, volume and import number of imported goods, they collect different duties. Holland customs also levy consumption tax, mainly passenger cars, beer, alcohol or alcoholic beverages, wine, sugar and sugar products, tobacco products, gasoline, mineral oil, refined oil and products containing methanol and propanol.

In addition, if the importer violates the Holland Customs Law, the importer will be fined or imprisoned, and the anti-dumping duty will be levied on the dumping goods.

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