Precautions for the use of solar charger

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Precautions for the use of solar charger

1. section cannot be under strong light charge (direct solar panel) for about 8 hours, can be filled with a built-in battery.

2. in the summer do not place the charger in the car (the car temperature). 

3. do not affect battery life across the glass on the charger. The charging effect.

4. must charge under strong light, weak in light (Light1) light, can only represent the detected light, does not mean that has been in charge (as in indoor lighting. So please do not lower) under the weak light of charging.

5. due to the factory, each contained within the battery charger is not the same, so the initial use charge or discharge time will never use a different.

6. corrosive solution to clean the machine, in order to avoid damage to the product.

7. will be prohibited this product into fire, so as not to cause an explosion.

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