Product classification of mobile phone emergency charger

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Product classification of mobile phone emergency charger

Dry battery

The dry battery into the battery powered device, usually with 1 batteries of 5 minutes can call 100-180 indoor office, outdoor travel, business trip or journey, mobile phone off, instant on errands or travel, can put a few pieces of disposable 5 batteries in your pocket, purse, briefcase or suitcase, it but there is no electricity in emergency or removed from the mobile phone to go out to charge a mobile phone out of trouble.

A number 5 battery can make phone calls up to 2 hours.

To guide the fashion trend is the first choice of the senior people, and is a high-end business gift.

Built-in lithium battery

This kind of emergency charger is also called mobile power, portable charger. The product is built into the device with lithium battery, and it can directly supply power to the device without installing batteries. The general situation is in 800mAh---2000mAh, this kind of product generally is small, convenient and convenient for the main features. At present, this kind of equipment is widely used in the charging of more kinds of digital products.

Solar energy

Solar charger is the solar energy board is converted into electrical energy stored in the battery inside the battery after storage device, as in any form, mainly for lead-acid batteries, the load is not just for mobile phone and other digital products, the load is diversity, a variety of electronic digital products to add power, product characteristics with built-in lithium battery type function similar.

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