Select and purchase the main points for mobile power supply

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Select and purchase the main points for mobile power supply :

1, security is the first to guarantee: when selecting and buying mobile power products, we must choose the product of the regular brand, so the quality and after sale have the guarantee.

The main function of  mobile power is to charge a mobile phone and other digital products, technical analysis, the index data is the curve of discharge current and voltage, the discharge curve theory is more smooth and more is a straight line, it shows the better protection performance of mobile phone products such as charging, battery life will be longer, the discharge curve the mobile phone is easy to beat damage is usually very large, so the brand will recommend the use of the mobile phone brand charger.

3. The appearance of the mobile power supply.

4, mobile power charging treasure related certification: electronic product certification, a mobile power has a relevant certification, indicating that this mobile phone power supply products meet the relevant standards.

5, mobile mobile power supply practicality: the capacity of mobile power products from thousands to tens of thousands of MS, how do we choose to choose their own?  This need to clear their own needs is how much, if we only occasionally use mobile power, then the ten thousand Ma mobile power, do not need to consider, because the larger capacity of the mobile power price will be very high, and we actually use less than all the power it can, it will cause the waste, so so suggest you according to their own needs to choose the mobile power charging treasure.

6, additional function: the choice of mobile power, is to require it to increase the number of digital products, such as our mobile phone.

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