Several fast charging solutions on the market

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Several fast charging solutions on the market

Currently on the market although many mobile phone fast charging, but most scheme is based on mobile phone platform, such as Qualcomm platform this year is used in Quick Charge 3, this new machine usually uses MediaTek platform is Pump Express, another relatively well-known and is different from the two major manufacturers of OPPO VOOC flash charging technology. Of course, there is TI's TI MaxCharge fast charging technology, Apple 20V fast charge technology etc..

1. high pass Quick Charge3.0

In the second half of last year, Qualcomm released a new generation of fast charging technology: Quick Charge3.0, using the best voltage intelligent negotiation algorithm, which can achieve the best power transmission at any time and maximize efficiency. A typical cell phone can be recharged from zero to 80% in 35 minutes. Quick Charge 3 is a one - file increment with 200mV increments, providing flexible options for the voltage from 3.6V to 20V. This will allow the cell phone to get the right voltage to reach the expected charging current, thus minimizing the loss of electricity, improving the charging efficiency and improving the heat performance.

2. Pump Express3.0

Last month, the Department launched a new generation of Pump Express 3 fast technology. The PE 3 fast charging scheme takes only 20 minutes to charge a smartphone's battery from zero to 70%. It is reported that PE 3 supports two-way communication, and has more than 20 security related device protection mechanisms, which is a very high safety factor. In addition, Pump Express 3 is the world's first fast charging scheme using USB type-C interface charging, can directly bypass the mobile phone charging circuit, direct current flow into the battery.

3.OPPO VOOC Technology

Unlike the high voltage and high current solution of the top two chip manufacturers, the VOOC flash charge is a typical representative of the low voltage high current fast charging scheme. While ensuring the charging speed, it also can reduce the heating state of the adapter and mobile phone. Compared with the traditional overcurrent protection, the individually customized parts greatly enhance the safety. VOOC flash from the adapter, interface to the inside of the mobile phone to create a full end five protection, for consumers to bring a very high security. In terms of speed, VOOC flash charging is also an eye-catching performance. Currently, VOOC flash charging used by OPPO phones can charge electricity to 75% in 30 minutes, and 1 hours can basically fill up. OPPO has previously shown VOOC super flicker technology, more powerful, full of a 2500mAh battery for only 15 minutes. It is reported that the technology, or will be applied to the new product OPPO Find 9, is well worth looking forward to. In addition, the DASH fast charging technology, which was published in the previous period of one plus mobile phone 3, also uses a low voltage and high current scheme.

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