Some provisions of Brazil

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Some provisions of Brazil

1. do not accept the sea waybill, and single telex release. C

2. original bill of lading must show freight

3., in the column of consignee, CNPJ code./v0, O Q o, s7g7_ A 4. must be shown in the name of the product. NCM code should be shown in the name. CNPJ number -- Brazil (BRAZIL) -- displayed in the consignee or the notification column.

The shipping bill of lading for export to Brazil must be above

1., display freight, PURCHASE ORDER must match the display number of COMMERCIAL INOICE, otherwise, there will be a fine. The freight price must be provided before the ship opens.

2. in addition to Brazil's PARANAGUA, the rest of the country needs to display the CNPJ number. The NCM number CNPJ must provide the equivalent of the export enterprise 10 code in China, and the NCM is equivalent to the HS code.

3. RIO DE JANEIRO bill of lading on the name of the name of the unavailable accessories, must be detailed

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