The advantages and disadvantages of fast filling technology

- Jan 08, 2018 -

The advantages and disadvantages of fast filling technology:

The advantages of fast charging technology is a good solution to the conventional mobile phone charging current limit, due to the charger output voltage increasing, mobile phone charging current loop impedance limit problem was successfully solved, 

the disadvantage is that the efficiency is not high, in the mobile phone terminal heating quantity is relatively large.

With the release of high pass QC3.0, it is good to make up for the problem of low efficiency of QC2.0.

The charging speed is four times that of the traditional charging mode, two times the Quick Charge 1, and 38% higher than the Quick Charge 2 charging efficiency. Quick Charge 3 adopts the best voltage intelligent negotiation (INOV) algorithm. It can achieve the best power transmission at any time and maximize the efficiency according to the power required by the handheld terminal. In addition, the range of voltage options is wider, and the mobile terminal can be dynamically adjusted to the optimal voltage level it supports. Specifically, Quick Charge 3 supports a more refined voltage selection: the 200mV increment is one file, providing a flexible choice from 3.6V to 20V voltage. In this way, your mobile phone can choose the most suitable one from dozens of power levels

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