The apple cell phone does not recharge ,How do you solve this problem

- Dec 26, 2017 -

The apple cell phone does not recharge ,How do you solve this problem

1. Replace the charger

2. The battery is out of order, and it is usually restored when it is unpacked. (just open the bottom two screws and push back the back cover to open.)

3. Replace the battery

Check your charger for voltage output, see if the phone have a reaction, if the phone no response that is the charger is bad, if the phone have a reaction, but remained in the electric charge half a day that is mobile phone problem, if you don't seek after sale, if looking for maintenance

What if apple 4 generations of mobile phones connect to the computer

If you try to restart it, you can press home and the above button for about 10 seconds, and the white apple shows that it has been forced to shut down, and it will take ten minutes to power. No, you can go to the next cell in itunes to see what the problem is.

No charge? After the connection, a battery sign will appear even if there is no electricity.

Try changing your cable and charging head, if that's not the case

Don't try so hard, the charge for an hour (no response to charge, you don't mind, the filling line), after an hour, at the same time hold down the Home and the Pawer key, see clearly, is in at the same time, long press, when the apple logo to appear on the screen.

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