The cause of the fever of the apple iphone phone charger

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The cause of the fever of the apple charger

IPhone iPad iPod is a 5V 1A output of the charger, the general on the market than the charger output much larger (some even more than double) so that the load power is also big, (do not rub the iPad or iPad full) the work is so small that no obvious hot, but after the plug charger start loading (to work), so when the charger will start work so will produce more heat, because greater power than the other heating equipment charging heating is more obvious, so you will obviously feel the charger fever.

In fact, the charger of Apple phone is the best choice, so the current and voltage are relatively stable. Meanwhile, please be careful not to use iPad or iPod charger to charge iPhone, the voltage is different. In addition, the heating of the fuselage is likely to be caused by the excessive charging time. When the average iPhone cell phone is around 15-10%, the charge time will take 4 hours, and the longest time will not exceed 5 hours. Try not to plug the cell phone in the charger for a long time, so it will affect the battery life very much.

So, in daily life, in order to avoid an apple charger, we should recharge the apple charger correctly.

1. scours don't have to charge for 12 hours.

2. can be charged at any amount of electricity.

3. it is best to have a full discharge and charging process once a week. It is from red to full power.

4.iphone has a over - protection function for the phone! But it is suggested that the cell phone be pulled out after it is full! It is not recommended for long time charging, such as overnight charging.

When 5.iphone is charged to 100%, you charge for an hour, which is out of line with the electricity that you just fill up. The power consumption of the former is half more than that of the 100%, and the latter is not resistant to use.

6. when the phone number is too low, you should try to start charging as soon as possible.

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