The characteristics and advantages of magnetic data line

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Today I will give you a brief description of the characteristics and advantages of magnetic data lines.
Magnet wires is depend on the characteristics of the magnet magnetic attraction, traditional cable connector is separated from the line body, both through magnetic in automatic adsorption within a certain distance, so the magnet wires are called magnetic suction line, magnet wires, etc., so that we can realize single hand plug cable, and in the process of actual use, the more secure than ordinary magnetic suction cable cable.
The advantages of magnetic data line are shown in the following five aspects:
One, the interface can extend the ability to be strong, can transmit the audio and video signal, expand to a variety of audio and video output interface, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI interface, even can achieve the extended transmission of 4K resolution.
2, thin volume miniaturization applicable widely, differs from the traditional life of the common data interface, a new type of magnetic suction cable interface on the size of the thin body, is more suitable for use in the increasingly miniaturization of electronic equipment, can withstand more than 10000 times again and again plug.
The transmission speed is one of the features of the interface version of the magnetic-sucking data line, which is to double the theoretical bandwidth from 5Gbps to 10Gbps in the previous version.
4. Easy to use, regardless of the pros and cons, randomly insert, and the rate of error fall to zero, even if the child of 3 years old is impossible to insert mistakes.
Five, the power supply capability is strong, magnetic suction cable interface using USB3.1 standard can provide up to 100 w power output, can through the USB interface implementation two-way magnetic suction cable power supply, as well as to charge, with the device itself can also be used to external power supply equipment, equipment charging time can also be reduced.

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