The classification of the electric core of the mobile power supply

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The classification of the electric core of the mobile power supply:

18650 electric core

The 18650 line is called, refers to the cell diameter of 18mm, length 65mm, cylindrical battery, like the international giants SANYO, Matsushita, Samsung and SONY have this business, and there are many domestic manufacturers in the production and sale of 18650 batteries, mobile power market to see, most of the 18650 batteries but, in order to fight the cost, basically is used in the domestic production of the product, there are very few manufacturers using imported 18650 batteries.

18650 of the capacity, generally the most common 2200mAh, 2400mAh and 2600mAh three specifications, according to the introduction of the current 18650 can do the maximum single section of the 3400mAh capacity. The 18650 core mobile power supply is basically parallel to the above specifications. 18650 the cylindrical steel shell is usually packed, and the internal lithium ion is liquid. Because it is already the industry standard specification, 18650 can only be cylindrical. If you buy the mobile power supply to see the rough and big sculpt, you can basically confirm that the 18650 core is used.

When it comes to safety, batteries are energy bodies, and in extreme cases there can be serious quality accidents. The 18650 core will be exploded in the most serious case because of the steel shell packaging. The familiar laptop battery used is the 18650 electric core. In the early years, Sony Corp had a batch recall because of the serious quality accident of the battery.

By 2014, a lot of mobile power supply in order to reduce cost in order to reduce cost, the use of the poor quality of the 18650 core, called air defense. Mobile power is a product that users carry on. If the quality is not right, it's like walking around with a time bomb. So when we buy products, we should comprehensively measure the brand and price of products, and don't simply pursue the cheapest.

Polymer core

Polymer batteries generally use lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, as well as three yuan lithium mixture, the outer packing is mainly the use of plastic film, lithium intermediate material for paste, so the shape can be customized, such as ultra-thin battery 0.25mm, so using polymer batteries mobile power, the appearance can also design more flexible. For example, some ultra thin mobile power supplies on the market and iPhone4 mobile phone back clamps are all polymer cores.

Electric core capacitance equipment (that is, electric core capacity detector)

Polymer battery packaging is flexible, unlike 18650, which has a fixed size. Its capacity depends directly on the volume and what raw materials are used.

For the polymer core, the biggest hidden danger is leakage and short circuiting, which leads to the swelling, and the worst case will produce combustion. Compared with 18650, the safety of polymer cored is better. But burning can also bring security risks, so it is recommended to use the mobile power users and try not to put the mobile power in the flammable environment.

In 2014, a large volume of mobile power was used in the market. The 18650 core power was used. Most of the brands such as PISEN used 18650 electric cores, but the majority of high-end mobile power sources used polymer batteries. Stand in the angle of security, recommended that users as much as possible to consider using polymer core products in the purchase of mobile power, especially large capacity mobile power, such as 8000mAh or more, if it is more than 18650 batteries in parallel form, once the explosion is very terrible, and the polymer electric core is absolutely not burst. The most is the flame.

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