The customs clearance requirements of the Russian State

- Jan 24, 2018 -

The customs clearance requirements of the Russian State

Russia demands that:

1., one of the sender and receiver is private. Neither of them can be imported by express. If you want to send it, you need to contact the special service department to arrange whether you can take the air to the airport.

2. both the sender and the receiver are both companies. They can follow the express import. (Note: Russia has only parcel service in Moscow and St Petersburg). When the goods arrive in Russia, the recipients need to provide about 7-8 customs clearance data.

If the recipient does not provide data in 1-1.5 months, Russia does not accept abandoned, the default return to pay, in addition, some will produce warehousing costs, this cost per ticket confirmation (Note: if in the first case, or by courier service to the Russian Ross, express mail will be returned directly at the same time, if Russia the customs have fine, we will report directly to the sender, or your company charge) Russian customs clearance speed is up to the recipient to provide information, generally require documents as follows

If the addressee expressly fails to provide information or the time of customs clearance, the recipient does not provide any information, it will be returned by default. If there is a warehouse fee, it will be confirmed with foreign countries.

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