The difference between aluminum alloy and zinc alloy

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The difference between aluminum alloy and zinc alloy

Characteristics and classification of aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy is a kind of widely used products in the market, the most common aluminum alloy doors and windows and so on. Aluminum alloy is a general term for a large class of alloys based on aluminum, which contains relatively high aluminum content, and other alloy elements can be added to copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese and so on. Besides, some iron, titanium, chromium and other elements can also be added. The characteristics of aluminum alloy are very obvious. One is that the density is relatively low, but the alloy has a high strength after that. The strength of the research is even better than that of the high quality steel. In addition, it is good plasticity and can be made into various shapes, which is why it is applied in many fields. In addition to classifying plants according to the elements, aluminum alloy can also be divided into two main categories: cast aluminum alloy and wrought aluminum alloy. The deformation aluminum alloy plays a very important role in many heavy industry fields.

Introduction and classification of zinc alloy

The same as the principle of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy is zinc based alloy material. This alloy is more focused on zinc characteristics, and can also add many alloying elements, such as copper, magnesium, lead and so on. The characteristics of zinc alloy and processing is also very obvious, it has a low melting point, and liquidity is very good, the other is having very good plasticity, one is corrosion resistant, even waste, can also carry out remodeling, with a high recycling value and utilization rate.  Zinc alloys, like aluminum alloys, can also be divided into two types of zinc alloy and cast zinc alloy. Zinc alloys in the market have the characteristics of great importance, good casting performance, smooth surface and no corrosion, good mechanical properties, low melting point and good wear resistance.

Generally speaking, aluminum alloys and zinc alloys are important alloys in the market. They have some differences in their performance characteristics, so they can be applied in different fields and play a very important role.

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