The fast charging chips

- Jan 08, 2018 -

The fast charging chip

One .TI (TI) BQ25895TI is more representative of the scheme is BQ25895, its maxcharge technology is QC2.0 Qualcomm and MediaTek's Pump Express, and the high performance charge management TI to do their own time integration, the maximum charge current is 5A, the maximum input voltage of 14V, can be used to support the QC2.0 and Pump Express standard charger. We measured the BQ25890 demo board provided by TI. When the 4A is charged, the chip temperature is about 55 degrees (at ambient temperature 25 degrees). It has a temperature rise of almost 30 degrees. If it is placed inside the cell phone, it will be an important source of heat.

TI's maxcharge charging technology has the advantage of being compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0 and MediaTek Pump Express technology, so it also has QC2.0 and MediaTek Pump Express optimization point. Its shortcomings, as well as high Qualcomm and the coalition, are not very efficient as a whole, so they have a large amount of heat.

Considering the heating problem of mobile phone charging part and the fact that QC3.0 and Pump Express plus have not been popularized in a short time, are there any other ways to reduce the calorific value of mobile phone charging? The answer is yes. We use two charge chips to charge a single battery at the same time, which can reduce the heat of a single charge chip. Therefore, the dual charge chip scheme has a great advantage in improving the charging efficiency and reducing the heating of the cell phone charging.

Two, Fairchild FAN501A and FAN6100Q

With the advent of the industry charging and communication protocol QC2.0, Fairchild has also provided the latest FAN501A and FAN6100Q fast charging scheme, which is in line with the QC2.0 charging standard developed by Qualcomm to match the high level mobile phone application. The scheme is suitable for tablet computer and smart phone. It meets QC2.0 fast charging standard, improves 40% charging speed, has high efficiency and average efficiency of >85%. And it has high power density, and the transformer is miniaturized.

Three, Dialog semiconductor company QC3.0 chip group Dialog semiconductor company recently announced that its Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 (QC3.0) chipset has now begun to produce. The unique feature of the chipset is to provide a constant power distribution diagram (power profile) for configuration. The chipset is compatible with the QC2.0 chipset pins, which helps simplify the upgrade and will continue to expand the leading position of Dialog in the fast charging market. At present, the share of Dialog in the market is estimated to be 70%.

Four, Power Integrations CHY103DPower Integrations announced the launch of the ChiPhy charger interface IC series of the latest CHY103D device, is the first Qualcomm compatible Inc. subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, developed by Inc. QuickCharge (QC) off-line AC-DC charger IC 3 protocol.

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