The history of the development of wireless charger

- Jan 12, 2018 -

The history of the development of wireless charger

Wireless charger refers to the charging power line connected to the traditional terminal equipment required for charging the charger, using a wireless charging technology, produced by using the magnetic field between the coils, magical power transmission, inductively coupled technology will become the bridge connecting the base station and charging equipment.

As early as 1830s, Michael Farad found the changes in the surrounding magnetic field.

It will produce electric current in the wire. In 1890s, Nicola Tesla, a Serbia - born scientist, applied for an initial patent

But unfortunately, this research has been delayed for a century. The biggest obstacle is the low transmission efficiency and the danger. Electromagnetic radiation is only suitable for transmitting information and is not suitable for transmitting energy. Because radiation is not directionless, energy will be wasted in useless space. The use of directed electromagnetic radiation, such as a laser, is envisaged, but its operability is not strong and extremely dangerous.

Professor Xu Shuyuan, Department of electronic engineering, City University Hong Kong in the early years has successfully developed the wireless charging platform, a number of electronic products can be placed in a charging platform, without external wire through the low frequency electromagnetic field automatic charging, charging time and traditional charger is. But this technology still needs the contact between the product and the charger, which mainly uses the near field electromagnetic coupling principle.

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made new progress in wireless transmission of electricity. They used a power outside two meters to light up a 60 watt bulb.

According to the cable Leah chip design, the non radiative wireless energy transmission has a distance limit. The smaller the receiver, the shorter the distance. He calculates that the size of a laptop computer can receive wireless energy transmission within a few meters, so that if we install a source in every room, we will power the laptop of the whole house.

Solia Cic hopes to increase efficiency to 70% to 80% by using different materials and improving technology. They believe that the improved equipment will be wirelessly charged for laptops, mobile phones and other devices within 3 to 5 years.

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