The Main types of mobile power

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Main types of mobile power

AC plug type

Mobile power supply with foldable AC plug - folding and straight plug type mobile power supply: can be inserted directly

In the household socket for the product itself charge, the charger and the mobile power supply function in one, more practical and portable.

LCD screen phenotype

A mobile power supply with a LCD display. With the development of mobile [4], users have not only met the ability to charge, but more users pursue security and personality.  A part of the mobile power supply on the market has worked hard on the shell and battery type to produce a mobile power supply with a digital display of the mobile power supply. This kind of product generally uses pure cobalt core to reduce the error of electric quantity display.

The core components of different kinds of mobile power supply have two parts briefly, one is the medium for storing electricity, and the two is the medium that transforms other energy into electricity. So the good or bad of the core can be used as one of the important standards to measure the quality of the mobile power supply.

Mobile power supply, designers from environmental protection, art, portable and other aspects of the design. The market has been further individualized. Once again, it has brought new design ideas to the mobile power industry. The main idea of mobile power is to be portable and light.

Superposition type

A split type mobile power, composed of multiple blocks of energy, not only looks new and unique, but also fun and interesting. The fuselage is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which can accurately display the amount of residual electricity. Each block has 2600mAh nominal power, which can be stacked together to expand the overall total capacity to meet the needs of users of different electricity demand.


The emergence of mobile power, at this stage, has eased the problem of insufficient power consumption of intelligent terminals. The portable and mobile characteristics of mobile power have brought great convenience to us. Mobile power is now a portable product. On the basis of guaranteeing product capacity, how to reduce the volume of products and make the products more compact and portable is one of the trend of mobile power technology innovation. Secondly, how to apply advanced industrial design concepts and even humanistic ideas to the appearance design of mobile power supply, making mobile power feel more comfortable and more fashionable, is also the trend of mobile power technology innovation.

Built-in charging line type

A mobile power supply with a built-in charging line. Mobile power for users, in addition to the ability to charge for digital products, users also want to pursue the portability of mobile power. So the mobile power supply with built-in charging line came into being, with a built-in charging line, and users can no longer be found to be unable to find a rechargeable line and a switch head. Only the collection has made the built-in three in one mobile power appearance patent and the utility model patent certificate. The built-in three in one mobile power supply has a built-in Apple charging line, a MICRO charging line and a MINI charging line, compatible with most mobile phones on the market.

LED lamp type

The mobile power supply with LED lighting and charging function is the most popular on the market. The advantage is that this type of mobile power supply has large capacity, and it has LED easy to light under the light of light, so it is very suitable for professional external power supply.

Solar energy type

This type of mobile power can be used in areas with longer sunshine time, but the general applicability is not strong. The mobile power supply with solar panels can be charged by the solar light in the process of use. This kind of mobile power supply was used mainly in special forces and special industries. With the gradual improvement of the conversion rate of solar panels in civilian use, it is gradually becoming popular.

Tablet computer

Tablet pc mobile power and tablet PC products have basically met the demand of efficient office at anytime and anywhere. They are also frequently used and short duration. How to improve the use time of flat products and maximize their functions is particularly important. The large capacity 10400mAh tablet mobile power supply is the best solution to and solve this problem. With a large capacity mobile power, it can provide a continuous supply of electricity to the flat product anytime and anywhere in the mobile state.

Wireless charging mobile power supply

It refers to the mobile power supply that does not need USB line plug, and the power line is not connected to the socket to realize the portable wireless charge in the outdoor. It is very different from the wireless charger.

The principle of wireless charging mobile power supply: on the basis of the traditional mobile power supply, the wireless charging function is added. It is functionally equivalent to a combination of a mobile power supply and a wireless charger.

Because wireless charging requires a sending end and a receiving terminal, so the mobile charging power is installed on the basis of the conventional mobile power, and the mobile phone must be a receiving coil with wireless charging and wireless charging. In sending and receiving ends of a coil, the transmitter coil connection cable power supply of electromagnetic signal, electromagnetic signal receiving coil induction transmitter to generate electricity to charge the battery.

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