The new Type-C interface was born

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The new Type-C interface was born.

In December 2013, the USB 3.0 marketing team announced the next generation of USB Type-C connectors.

New interface highlights

1, is a more slim design, faster transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) and more powerful power transmission (up to 100W).

2, Type-C double-sided plug-in interface biggest feature is to support the USB interface, double-sided insert, the formal solution to the "USB never plug in" world-wide problem, positive and negative casually plug.

3, At the same time with its supporting the use of USB data cable must also be more detailed and more portable.

In summary, USB Type-C has the following characteristics:

1. The maximum data transfer rate of 10Gbit / sec, is also the standard USB 3.1;

2.Type-C interface socket size is about 8.3mm × 2.5mm slim design;

3. Support from both sides can be inserted into the "positive and negative plug" function, can withstand 10,000 times repeated plug;

4. Standard Connectors with Type-C Connectors The cable accepts 3A current and supports "USB PD" beyond existing USB power supply, providing up to 100W of power.

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